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Fundamental Technologies, LLC provides data products for the EPAM instrument onboard the Advanced Composition Explorer spacecraft. The Electron, Proton, and Alpha Monitor (EPAM) instrument, built by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, consists of 5 telescope apertures which use the spin of the spacecraft to sweep the full sky. 


To view the metadata and documentation for the EPAM instrument, please visit the VHO/VEPO page.


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Updated 07/12/2022, Dr. Jerry W. Manweiler


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*Since official launch
August 25, 1997, 14:39 UTC


Manufacturer: Johns Hopkins APL built and operates the Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) and its instruments

Mission Duration: 5 years were originally planned, 20+ years have elapsed.

Destination: The L1 Lagrangian point between the Earth and the Sun (1.5 million km away from the Earth)

Orbit: ACE's orbit is a Lissajous orbit near the L1 Lagrangian point between the Earth and the Sun.